Saturday, September 20, 2008

Boone's Hooks in Gaiam/Real Goods catalog

I am proud to announce that the Boone's Hooks hand forged home accessories line has been picked up by the Gaiam/Real Goods Living 2008 Fall Holiday Catalog.

Gaiam is the leading provider for green and ecologically friendly products on the planet. As you know Boone's Hooks are made of 100% recycled steel, the most recycled product on the globe.

Please sign up and get a catalog mailed to you or check it out on the internet. Here is the link to the web page featuring Boone's Hooks...

Here is a word about Gaiam:

Gaiam invites you to live the life of intention you've envisioned. From yoga & fitness DVDs to non-toxic cleaners, we give you the green shopping options and healthy living products to help you live your best life. Discover health & wellness tools, sustainable living solutions and green products from our online catalogs.

and here is the link to Gaiam...

I am glad to participate in the green revolution! Thank you for your support.

Smyth Boone

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jenifer said...

I agree with you!! Gaiam provides green and ecologically friendly products...