Monday, February 2, 2009

Time to Re-model!

During an economic slump(or full-on melt down) people generally tend to start using their money differently. This puts the functional artist and anyone with 'real' value goods in a position to benefit.

When the economy has been riding high, people tend to spend more lavishly on vacations, large purchases and items that they can get with easy to get credit. When economic times are uncertain, people pull back on their spending, start saving and investing in projects at home and buy things that they can get the most value from. Luckily, people still have their money, they just tend to spend it on more concrete items, items that a person can see the benefits of, like a re-model project.

For example, instead of a large vacation to Hawaii a lot of people will choose to stay closer home for their vacations and re-model the bathroom or take on another house project that has been on the back burner for a while. Still spending money, but on "real" items with a real value that lasts.

Good quality lasts forever! Good luck to the "Functional Artists!" and anyone making things of quality with real value. A trend that may help us all.

Smyth Boone