Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Design Topic 1: positive and negative space

This piece is a forged scroll measuring approximately 10" in diameter. At first the viewer is drawn to the simple elegance of the universally appealing scroll. Why?
Here is one reason...
The appealing element of this scroll is the use of negative space and its' relationship to positive space. A perfect scroll always has an increasing negative space.(note: this particular forging has a growing negative space towards the center of the scroll and then a diminishing negative space on the outer edges in my attempt to create more of a circle for this sculpture.)
Positive space is what we refer to as the solid material. Negative space is the blank space between the solids.
The artist can use the positive space to create an interesting negative space that engages the viewer. This is what humans are drawn to. Interesting relationships.
Forged iron is an excellent medium for expressions in positive and negative space usage. Steel/wrought iron is a very strong, yet fluid material that creates bold lines(positive) and makes one see the artists' suggestion of design found in the negative space.
Once you can see the detail a little closer, one realizes that there is a flower suggestively chiseled into the scroll. This will lead to our next discussion on the gestalt style of design and suggestions for the viewer.
Another very interesting design element, to be discussed in the future, is the use of the golden mean.
I look forward to your comments and ideas.

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