Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have found that different places for advertising take different artistic approaches according to the potential clients that will see the ad.

This top ad photo is clean and classy. I use this ad on my local movie theater screen. I am able to trade work for the ad space. It shows before all movies and events at the theater, The Paradise, in Paonia, Co.
I live in a small town and I find it very important to let the locals know about my business. I have had lots of local clients let me know that they have seen the ad and are glad to support my local business.
It is difficult to trace the direct effects of the ad, but am sure it gets the word out to the local community which I feel is critical for success. The locals are great for recommending one's work when guests visit and are looking for art/crafts.

Next ad...
This is the paid ad that I run in The Mountain Gazette magazine.
The Gazette is a free publication distributed throughout all mountain towns in the western U. S. It highlights incredible writers and is a very cheeky vibe which relates well to the local populations living in mountain towns.
You can see the ad reflects the style of readers. Hopefully, the reader finds it interesting and funny enough to check out my website. I have had good results and plenty of good comments and a reasonable amount of sales. The ad runs monthly which is critical for product recognition and potential sales.
Currently, I do not track where all of my sales come from, but that is maybe something I will be able to fine-tune in the future.
Future discussions involving advertising may include discussions regarding the artwork, information, locations of ads, costs involved, and results.

Smyth Boone

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